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A family oriented and family run organization with established international reach. Continuously seizing opportunities to expand our horizons, we handle artists and media outlets from Canada, the United States and the Caribbean to the UK. 

Our community of producers, live musicians, multimedia photographers and videographers, editors, graphic designers, marketing and promotional talents are changing the world with music.

Our Team

President of RBI Kevin Perkins is the founder and passion behind the label. After committing over 30 years to his art of creating music and getting artists heard, this powerhouse has experience in every aspect of the industry. Kevin's a BOSS of the bedrock of production, recording, mixing and mastering in the studio. He excels at running the audio and lighting aspects of live events, and has served as the general manager of a major Toronto based record company. This multi-talented individual embraces and delivers a buffet of genres, Rock and Country, R&B and Hip Hop, Socca and more.

Chief Operations Officer Christa Currie has over 17 years' experience in the entertainment business.  Christa is our go-to for all of our day-to-day needs in the office and manages the artists needs for all photo / video shoots, as well as live events.

Son Protoge Kyle Perkins/Phrazil can boast over 15 years of production experience. His insight and familiarity lends a timelessness to his projects. Also a budding lyrical artist, stay on the alert for upcoming songs featuring his poignant verses.

String Master Virtuoso Khenne Mazze has a natural affinity for any instrument with strings. Like magic, he consistently wows audiences with his skill on guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin and harp.

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